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The Global Touch Foundation is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), charitable organization that provides a comprehensive and integrative delivery system of educational, supportive, and recreational services. We are responsive to the needs of those who may suffer from Social Media Dependency Disorder; which has been derived from the Triple Conscious Theory. This year, we have developed and designed curriculums featuring a certification program that has educated and mentored students, private personnel, and businesses on how to help Social Media users use the platform responsibly. The Global Touch Foundation is also funding research to verify the mental and physical health effects, as well as, viable policies of Social Media and its users. We aim to provide solutions that will generate a positive Social Media environment; free from anxiety, stress, depression, and other factors that lead to or may cause Social Media Dependency Disorder. Your sponsorship will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance, Jonathan Bertrand, Founder

The Global Touch Foundation Inc.

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Jonathan N. Bertrand
Jonathan N. Bertrand

Jonathan is the pioneer of “Social Media Awareness” and founder of The Global Touch Foundation. At 23 years old, he created and introduced “The Triple Conscious┬áTheory” and “Social Media Dependency Disorder” at The National Council of Behavioral Health in 2017. He has a passion for disability inclusion and became a Ruderman Foundation Fellow in the Fall of 2019 through a partnership with The Massachusetts Institute of Technology for disability inclusion.