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Who is Jonathan Bertrand?

Ruderman Family Foundation - MIT Affiliate MD

Jonathan is the pioneer of “Social Media Awareness” and founder of The Global Touch Foundation. At 23 years old, he created and introduced “The Triple Conscious Theory” and “Social Media Dependency Disorder” at The National Council of Behavioral Health in 2017. He has a passion for disability inclusion and became a Ruderman Foundation Fellow in the Fall of 2019 through a partnership with The Massachusetts Institute of Technology for disability inclusion.

Photo by: Credit: Florida A&M University


Jonathan Bertrand attended Florida A&M University where his area of study was Public Relations and Marketing. He received Congressional recognition from the House of Representatives for his contributions to his community, in regard to social welfare.

In December 2015, he created The Global Touch Foundation, his non-profit, 501c3, and coined the phrases “Social Media Dependency Disorder” and the “Triple Conscious Theory”.

The youngest speaker at the 2017 National Council of Behavioral Health, in Seattle Washington, he introduced the concept Social Media Awareness to a captivated audience, and has since trademarked the “Social Media Dependency Disorder”, a primary focus of The Global Touch foundation. Currently growing his team, Jonathan is continuing his pioneer adventure.

Jonathan Bertrand April 1, 2017, Seattle, Washington.

In mid-August , Mr. Bertrand launched the Social Media Anonymous dedicated to supplying companies, and families, with social media compliance (and understanding) solutions. It's goal is to help make the cyber world, and as a result the physical world, a better place, with education and real world solutions. He has hosted various public events, as well as university events, allowing students, and faculty, to have in-depth conversations about the importance of understanding this critical, and crucial, facet of modern society.

Testimony video shoot - 2016 Palmetto North Florida A & M

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