Theoretical Framework


Theoretical Framework: Social Media Dependency Disorder was written as a testament to ten years of research and advocating for Social Media Awareness. With this book, we at The Global Touch Foundation hope to educate Social Media users around the world about Social Media Dependency Disorder. Education is the first step to finding solutions and bringing to light what may be at the root of depression and anxiety sufferers. Too long has there been a lack of regulations and research on the potential psychological effects of constant Social Media Usage. In this book, we cover topics such as Cyber-Psychoanalysis, The Third Persona, and Disability Inclusion. After reading this, you will understand how Social Media has the potential to affect you and your family psychologically and biologically, how to identify symptoms of social media dependency disorder, and how you can help someone that is suffering. As a society, we have come a long way with our technological innovations. Let us continue our progress by learning how to post responsibly, and make our virtual worlds safer for our mental health.


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