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Mixed Reality 

Public ------> Media : Public’s Perception of the group or individuals associated through  various media platforms without interaction on self 

Computer Mediated Reality

Media --------> Public -  The Media’s perception of the public through the post and influences of comments like and followers to a certain topic or mass inflex of attention.

Public -------> Self : The idea from the public’s perspective influencing your thoughts and process on a general assume 

Social Media Persona ( Triple Conscious Theory ) 

Self ------> Social Media Persona : Your perspective on various viewpoints portrayed by your Social Media Usages creating multi personas as profiles are developed over time 

Spiritual Reality 

Self ( Religious or Personal Morals ) Influenced by the Public’s Influence

Social Media Awareness Reference

First masters reference in relation to mental and behavioral health.

Take Aways From Public Research

Social Media Dependency Disorder referenced in relation to social media addiction.

Are you addicted to your phone?

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