Social Media Research Fund


To address misinformation online, provide accredited research from university professors and doctors supporting the effects of Social Media Dependency Disorder (SMDD), and create coursework and study materials for college students and others interested in the area of Social Media studies. We are looking to expand this research fund to:

- Advocate for Social Media Awareness in local and national Governments - Build offices and treatment centers Receive corporate sponsorships within the industries of tech, medical, education, and policy - Enroll students and faculty in our research departments - Research and collect data proving the validity of the theoretical effects of Social Media Dependency Disorder, Triple Conscious Theory, and Social Media Awareness

Areas of Focus:

- Human studies will be required to understand the psychological effects of social media on Mental and Behavioral Health (short-term/longterm research) - Online behavior and how algorithms can be modified or subjected to targeting emotions with a positive or negative response - Demographics most effected - How infodemics impact populations in crisis - Classifying SMDD as a disability and providing disability inclusion in workplaces and schools

- Teaching Users to be Social Media Responsible


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