The Founder


I am Jonathan Bertrand. Since 2010 I have been pursuing this innovative undertaking.  The Global Touch Foundation, inc.  is pioneering the Social Media Awareness Industry.  Endorsed by Mental Health News Radio, I have been allowed to speak to a 20 country network to show why?  Our initial campaign, “The Social Networking Effect,” started with at hashtag campaign that has already reached 2.03 impressions.  The Social Networking Effect campaign generated 6 endorsements, partnerships with 2 countries, 1 event, and 25 students successfully completing our summer Social Media Program.  We have also traveled internationally to Mañana, Brazil. In Brazil we have secured our first sponsorship to spearhead our current campaign, “The Post Responsibly Campaign.” This shows that this movement can not only be talked about in other countries, but can be translated and understood on a medical and educational level.

Notable Accomplishments

Founder -The Global Touch Foundation Inc

Creator -The Social Networking Effect

Creator–  The Tripple Conscience Theory 

The Social Networking  Effect Campaign raised $30,000+ using social media and 540+ shirt sales to fund the movement from December 13th, 2014
Awarded the Google in kind Grant –  Reaching 2.9 million impressions, 78,000 interactions within 8 months of  receiving the grant to promote Social Media Awareness
Hosted 2 seminars (Discussion Based) at Florida A&M University introducing  Social Media Awareness and The Triple Conscious Theory
Spoke at The National Council of Behavioral Health in Seattle, WA. to introduce Social Media Awareness.  Panelist and Presenter starting on April 1st, 2017 through April 6th, 2017.
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